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Movies made in San Francisco

San Francisco has served as the backdrop for many movies. This can be attributed both to the fact of its beauty and unique landmarks, as well as to pragmatic reasons. Within the city boundaries one can find a multitude of different neighborhoods often needed for different scenes. From China Town to the Pacific beaches San Francisco has many different faces. The International Movie Database (IMDB) contains a list of all movies made in San Francisco.

What is unique about this collection, is that it not only lists movies made in San Francisco, but also locations where certain scenes have been shot. A precise map allows you to visit those locations and see where some of movie's most memorable scenes have been made. This site allows you to upload new information to the database. If you know of movie locations, feel free to add it to the database. I hope you enjoy the information on sf-movies.org. Drop me a line if you have questions or suggestions. sf-movies.org was made with XML11.

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