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CORBA Product Profiles

This page provides an overview of what features are supported by a given CORBA implementation. Anyone can submit a new profile using the questionnaire tool provided by this page. If you are knowledgeable with any ORB-implementation, please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire. The product profile will be automatically added to this page once the questionnaire is submitted.

There are four supporting categories for each feature defined by the OMG CORBA specification (e.g., DII, DSI, POA, etc):

Symbol Category Remarks
Yes - feature is supported If the feature is provided by a 3rd-party vendor, the questionnaire does not distinguish between original and 3rd-party extensions. It is assumed that the ORB vendor knows what extensions exist and where to get them.
No - feature is not supported  
Planned - support for feature is planned The ORB vendor or a 3rd-party provider plan to offer this feature "in the near future". This category is supposed to give customers a rough idea on what future extensions they can expect from a given ORB.
Unknown The submitter of the profile does not know whether this feature is supported by the ORB or not.

Please do not submit any bogus profiles. If you have a question regarding a specific profile, please contact the submitter who is mentioned in the profile. Send me an email if you have any general problems or questions. This CORBA product profile page was done with QTool.

Submitted Profiles

The following profiles have been submitted so far. Click on the ORB name to view its profile and click on "Edit" to update a profile. Note that the individual profiles contain more detailed information than the product matrix below.

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CORBA Product Matrix

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Abbrev. Description
Y Feature is present
N Feature is not present
P Feature planned for a future release
? Not known if feature is present
OS Open Source ORB
St Smalltalk
IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
COM Common Object Model
DII Dynamic Invocation Interface
DSI Dynamic Skeleton Interface
IFR Interface Repository
BOA Basic Object Adapter
POA Portable Object Adapter
VTS Value Type Semantics
Min MinimumCORBA
Abbrev. Description
AMI Asynchronous Messaging Interface
CCM CORBA Component Model
QoS Quality of Service
FT Fault tolerance
RT Real time
PSS Persistent State Service
CONC Concurrency Service
PROP Property Service
EVNT Event Service
RLSH Relationship Service
NAM Naming Service
SEC Security Service
TIME Time Service
TRAD Trading Service
NOTF Notification Service
TRANS Transaction Service
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